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Happy Family

Family Coaching and Workshops 

Helping parents to build better strategies and systems to better support their values, wants and needs.

Meghan Johns


Meghan Johns,  M.Ed,  Behavior Analyst

Welcome to my webpage! I am a behavior analyst and family coach with a passion for helping individuals and families achieve their goals and live their best lives. With years of experience in the field, I specialize in providing support and guidance to individuals and families facing a wide range of challenges, from behavioral issues to communication breakdowns.

Free Discovery Session

Book a free discovery session to learn more about our services 


Individual Consultation and Coaching

Work with a trained professional to develop personalized goals and strategies to help best support your family

Group Classes and Workshops

Take an interactive class or workshop that focuses on common family struggles. 


Topics can include: 

- Potty training 

-Surviving Tantrums 

-ADHD and Anxiety

- Mindful Parenting 

- Encouraging picky eaters 

- and more...

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